Visitor Hosts are responsible for:
1. Warmly welcoming visitors to provide personalised information and guidance that is specific to their needs, and results in a highly positive, memorable experience of the Museum.

2. Ensuring the safety and security of visitors, staff and collections.


Job Duties:

  •  Attend any  staff briefings that drive the  public front operations.
  •  Proactively suggest improvements to operational processes and facilities to continually improve visitor services and comfort.
  •  Greet visitors warmly and in a courteous way.
  •  Inform visitors about, and pro-actively promote, the Museum’s  exhibitions, relevant operating procedures, admission policy, activities and services.  
  •  Respond to visitor requests for information about neighbouring attractions and other New Zealand museums.
  •  Participate in training to acquire an appropriate level of understanding and interpretative skills to give the best visitor experiences
  •  Assist  in the delivery of school, family, holiday and other group programmes.
  •  Receive, record and resolve complaints. (referring on to the SiteManager if required) Diplomatically resolve difficult issues.
  •  Ensure a safe, comfortable and clean environment for customers. Keep display case glass spotless and conduct morning glaze cleaning.  
  •  Assist in removing rubbish/litter from floors and other areas, clear selected areas of obstructions, clean areas, furniture, cases and equipment within the Museum areas. Keep work spaces free, tidy and clean. Clear water from walkways.  
  •  Ensure impeccable personal presentation at all times.
  •  Cash handling and reconciliation of cash at the end of the day.  
  •  Maintain security watch on activities inside the Museum and about the external perimeter.  
  •  Report any gallery damages to Site Managers at morning briefings or immediately to Security Control if found during the day.
  •  Operate internal and external communications systems – telephones, radios, faxes, e-mails, and computers.  
  •  Respond to criminal activities and general security breaches.  
  •  Assist in maintaining visitor services and security during night functions and other Museum activities.  
  •  Complete incident reports.  
  •  Check fire and emergency equipment, conduct first aid tasks, report and register accidents, respond to hazardous substance spillage, provide health and safety advice to the public.  
  •  Assist in conducting evacuations and emergency activities. Manage groups of the public to move them from danger or to ensure the security and safety of the Museum and people.
  •  Assist in pack-in and pack-out tasks for Commercial Events. Perform security patrols as directed. Perform door customer service as required. Perform administrative tasks during and after the function.  
  •  Keep an active interest in  events and  developments at the museum and around Dunedin.  
  •  Maintain the Museum’s Standards of Conduct.
  •  Other duties as required.

Capabilities and Qualifications:

  • Requires an enthusiasm for constant learning about Museum content.  
  • Have clear and concise communication skills, including a clear strong confident voice, the ability to deal with difficult customers and/or situations. Be an excellent listener and the ability to provide information clearly and accurately.  
  • A sunny disposition, sense of humour, a warm friendly manner, along with being honest, reliable and trustworthy.  
  • An enjoyment and some experience of working with children is highly desirable.
  • Able to liaise with other front-line staff to ensure a seamless customer service.  
  • Have a passion for NZ heritage, history and culture
  • Current First Aid Certificate.
  • Holds a passion for dynamic museums and for working in a team environment.