++++++It's that time again!++ AGM 23 July at 3:30–6:30pm ++ Come along to the Museum for the Trust's Annual General Meeting ++ AGM 23 July at 3:30–6:30pm++++++ Drinks and nibbles from 3.30pm, with the meeting to start at 4.00pm +++++++ RSVP to Kirsten - secretary@gasworksmuseum.org.nz or leave a message on 03 455 5063 or visit our FaceBook Events Page ++++


The Dunedin Gasworks Guild of Gadgeteers is a local Steampunk group based out of the Gasworks Museum.

Steampunk, with it's Victorian aesthetic and sci-fi twist, is a perfect link to the steam powered machinery of the Gasworks that hark back to that time.

If you are interested in joining the Gadgeteers visit Steampunk Dunedin on Facebook.