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steam engines

Record number of visitors at today’s open day.

Museum trust members were thrilled at the record visitor numbers at today’s open day.
A trust spokesperson explained “ this is the reward for freely giving up our time to maintain and operate the museum.” Adults and children alike enjoyed the tours, the tour highlight usually the operation of the genuine steam whistle. Older visitors enjoyed reminiscing on days gone by, while our younger visitors could appreciate, understand, and assimilate the principles of converting reciprocating motion into rotary motion.

Visitors at today's open day

Council, Community, Consultation, Consideration

Yesterday afternoon the museum hosted the DCC South Dunedin Retail Centre Strategy – Issues and Opportunities Consultation meeting. Council staff, along with many councillors met members of the South Dunedin community to gain and promote ideas and wish lists for the South Dunedin retail centre. Members of the museum trust were also on hand to promote our activities. Several of the steam engines were operating.

The Reader exhauster

Social gas, and safety

Work and open day today, included a hazard identification exercise. Tuesday work/open days provide an opportunity for our volunteers to socialise, and “gas” about common themes. However, with a lifetime of work experience behind us, and with increasing exposure to the public, we are also very conscious of the need to provide a safe visitor experience while at the same time maintaining maximum authenticity. In the picture Tom and Bob are investigating the appropriate elimination, isolation or minimisation of a tripping or falling hazard.

Tom and Bob check out safety options