A world class industrial heritage site

Community development

Electric trams and other wish lists

The Gasworks trust board presented the following submission to the DCC South Dunedin consultation process.

1. Signage:
– street signage at both ends of Braemar St
– location/information panels of area in prominent positions
– eye-catching public facilities/attraction signage (gasworks/Mayfair)
2. Public transport: – easier public access to/from central city
– more frequent bus service (free?)
– visitor season free shuttle to/from Railway Station to Gasworks & other attractions (Mayfair Theatre/Ocean Beach Railway +)
– extend the city hop-on/hop-off bus service via Mc Bride St to Gasworks etc
– electric tram from old bus station/Otago Settlers Museum to South Dunedin & Gasworks etc
3. Pedestrian friendly South Dunedin:
– improve drab feel, amenities, public spaces, walkways
– review District Plan zoning & provisions to minimise threat of industrial bulk take-over & maintain special heritage character
4. Tourism potential:
– recognise & build on strengths
– DCC support for product development and promotion, industrial etc
– integrate with city promotion
– second hand/antique business specialty shopping centre.

The electric exhauster

Gas Works museum supports community development

Tonight a nominated Trustee attended the South Dunedin Lorne street development consultation meeting on behalf of the GWM.
Great to network with South Dunedin business and community organisations, and to confirm our commitment to the welfare and development of South Dunedin.

The museum chimney, still in use today