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Events at the Gasworks Museum

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Come and talk about The Energy Plan 1.0! @the Fitting Shop

Come along and talk ENERGY 
Fitting Shop
Dunedin Gasworks Museum
20 Braemar St
South Dunedin
NEXT Tuesday 27th October 2015 | 5.00 – 7.00 pm
Dunedin Gasworks Museum | 20 Braemar Street




You are invited to talk about The Energy Plan 1.0!
Come along and ask Dunedin City Council staff questions about the Energy Plan and the submission process.

Tuesday 27th October 2015 | 5.00 – 7.00 pm
Dunedin Gasworks Museum | 20 Braemar Street

Light refreshments available

​For further information, visit www.dunedin.govt.nz/energyplan

Three important events from the Gasworks Museum

Saturday September 20:

Join the Dunedin Gasworks Guild of Gadgeteers at the Time Travellers Ballus for an evening of dancing and general frivolity and splendidness. Captain Hansom and the Operonicon’s will be providing entertainment. Imagine you have time travelled from another time, place or dimension, and come along suitably attired, with prizes on the night. 7.30pm to 12.30am, Toitu. Tickets from mytickets.excellentevents.co.nz or call 03 477 8048.Dunedin Gadgeteers 2

Saturday September 20: 

Come one, come all, and view at your leisure the finery of the Gasworks Guild of Gadgeteers Carnivale Day. Take your photo dressed in steampunk. A Steampunk exhibition, High Tea by gold coin donation, raffles, a talk about steampunk fashion, a talk about the history of Absinthe plus tasting opportunity. Dunedin Gasworks Museum, 20 Braemar St. $5.00 per person, children under 15 free. All monies raised will go to the Gasworks Museum.

Saturday September 13 – 20th

Blacksmith Master Classes and Demonstations

To coincide with the visit of Barry Brickell to Dunedin and his exhibition at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery  HIS OWN STEAM: A BARRY BRICKELL SURVEY, the Dunedin Gasworks Museum is holding  series of Blacksmithing Demonstrations and Master classes that are open to the public. These are being held  in the recently restored Fitting Shop Forge.

These classes are being run by Nate Savill who has worked at Barry Brickell’s Driving Creek Railway on commissions for the Barry Brickell Gallery.

Blacksmithing Master Class: Cost $150.00 (includes all material and equipment)blacksmith
•    Saturday 13th September: Daytime workshop 11am-3pm
•    Tuesday 16th September: Evening workshop 5.00-9pm
•    Thursday 18th September: Evening workshop 5.00-9pm
•    Saturday 20th September: Daytime workshop 11am-3pm

Available from mytickets.excellentevents.co.nz or call 03 477 8048

Nate Savill and Peter Mason  working in the the Fitting Shop Forge
•    Sunday 14th September 12 – 3pm
•    Sunday 21st September 12 – 3pm

South Dunedin Festival.

Open today to support the South Dunedin Festival. More than 40 visitors enjoyed their visit with most indicating they will return in the new year to see the machines in operation. Noel, Ann, and Glynn, assisted by Craig looked after reception, John and Keith the engine house. No blog item specific pix today, but many images captured to support future and work-in-progress blogs. Greeting visitors to the engine house, John’s introductory dialogue went something like this: “welcome folks, have a look around. You may go out-the-back but be aware most rooms include work-in -progress and there may be some danger.”

Some feedback:

Listening intently to John, on hearing “DANGER” the 11 going-on 12 year old visitor repeated the word – and he was off – through the door and into the boiler house before his mum could say “coal gas” The same youngster, just as many before him, enjoyed “imaginary operating” the valves near the Reader exhauster. (Now we know how to promote the museum to this age group – Ed)

“This is great! Better than your usual museum, we can feel and smell the atmosphere, but most important, we can touch the stuff – interesting display, keep up the good work” – An adult visitor.

Hang-on Hang-over

Sunday 6 October and back to normal routine – almost. Thanks to the volunteers who arrived bright and early to complete the good work commenced by those after last night’s show. However, not only routine open day, this morning we had a planned visit from the Otago Vintage motorcycle club. Very positive feed back, and visit appreciation from the visitors matched the enjoyment Tom, Mack and John received, breaking the group into three and interacting with the like-aged and like-enthusiasts on our respective conducted tours.

An overview of the machines. 


Three generations: steam shovel, vintage bike, modern car.

Grand Gaslight Gala

The three-day Sesquicentennial celebrations closed on Saturday night with the Grand Gaslight Gala. Again by all accounts the event was a great success. 

The highlight “show” of a full calendar of events and entertainment must have been “Gasmen” a Talking House production, featuring Danny Still relating work day stories of four remaining Gasworks employees from the coal gas days: Wayne Allen, Bob Bradshaw, John Beckett and Willis Bagley. 

Right up there was the “brilliant” (sorry for the pun) museum lighting display by Glynn.

Four special guests Wayne, Bob, John and Willis


An appreciative crowd watch the show.


 Indoor light effects.

Look at this!


Behind the Symposium scenes, day 2

The 150 Symposium wrapped up Friday 4th October, and by all accounts, the event was a great success.
During the afternoon tea break, two significant milestones were recognised and announced.

Firstly, the Otago Muslim Association and the Gasworks Trust agreed an exchange of assets: we gained possession of (probably) the last remaining original Dunedin City town gas light and standard, while the Association accepted our offer of replacement and additional security lighting at the Dunedin Mosque.

Secondly, it was announced IPENZ have added The Dunedin Gasworks (museum) to their Engineering Register 2013, and recording the event, a temporary plaque was unveiled.

Trust Chairman Barry, Patron Sir Neil Cossons, and Muslim Association president Dr Anwar Ghani,  discuss our “boiler issues”


 Lloyd Smith unveils the IPENZ recognition plaque.


Behind the Scenes at the Symposium.

Day one of two, the 150 Symposium “cup” is half full or half empty – depending on your point of view!
Today’s blog records just some of the behind the scenes activities – there are many more the blogger couldn’t reach. In short, all crisis were dealt to, and on-the-fly plan modifications and additions were achieved without drama. Checking with my “secret agent” on the other side – MH reports the sharp end is going well, and delegates report a positive experience.

Bob H and John supervised parking. – There is even a bicycle to accommodate.


 Well done guys – many square pegs fitted into round holes


Reception and registration duties were shared by volunteers.


 Still another group of volunteers rotated shifts for morning tea, lunch, and afternoon tea. This is the afternoon shift – Thank you ladies


 Delegates enjoy a break and the chance to network.



A long haul

The GWM Trust, has operated the Gasworks Museum, through thick and thin for around a couple of decades. Perhaps to be seen with hindsight as a major milestone, the Trust’s Heritage Symposium, celebrating 150 years of gas production in Dunedin, is finally here. Enormous effort over the past few months has achieved a well presented event and a Museum “dressed up to the nines” Tonight the Symposium kicked off with registration and a meet and greet session.


 Delegates and visitors mingle at the symposium registration and meet and greet.


Trust chairman Barry welcomes guests. 

Fire – “playing with” and/or “under”

As next weeks celebrations draw near, last minute efforts are under-way to make the museum as presentable as possible. Project work continues, and contractors are on site upgrading the toilet area. The first picture today shows the Long Room “under fire” – actually the builders gear and materials they are using for the toilet upgrade.

The second pix is an excellent full page article in today’s ODT, entitled “Playing with fire”.
The article, under the “Arts” banner explains and promotes some of the activities during our 150 anniversary celebrations next week. Very well written by Charmain Smith, the article can be accessed from our “In the news” tab on the home page of our web-site. – “Search Gasworks”

The Long Room “under fire” today.


A page from todays ODT Arts section 

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