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Come and talk about The Energy Plan 1.0! @the Fitting Shop

Come along and talk ENERGY 
Fitting Shop
Dunedin Gasworks Museum
20 Braemar St
South Dunedin
NEXT Tuesday 27th October 2015 | 5.00 – 7.00 pm
Dunedin Gasworks Museum | 20 Braemar Street




You are invited to talk about The Energy Plan 1.0!
Come along and ask Dunedin City Council staff questions about the Energy Plan and the submission process.

Tuesday 27th October 2015 | 5.00 – 7.00 pm
Dunedin Gasworks Museum | 20 Braemar Street

Light refreshments available

​For further information, visit www.dunedin.govt.nz/energyplan

Three important events from the Gasworks Museum

Saturday September 20:

Join the Dunedin Gasworks Guild of Gadgeteers at the Time Travellers Ballus for an evening of dancing and general frivolity and splendidness. Captain Hansom and the Operonicon’s will be providing entertainment. Imagine you have time travelled from another time, place or dimension, and come along suitably attired, with prizes on the night. 7.30pm to 12.30am, Toitu. Tickets from mytickets.excellentevents.co.nz or call 03 477 8048.Dunedin Gadgeteers 2

Saturday September 20: 

Come one, come all, and view at your leisure the finery of the Gasworks Guild of Gadgeteers Carnivale Day. Take your photo dressed in steampunk. A Steampunk exhibition, High Tea by gold coin donation, raffles, a talk about steampunk fashion, a talk about the history of Absinthe plus tasting opportunity. Dunedin Gasworks Museum, 20 Braemar St. $5.00 per person, children under 15 free. All monies raised will go to the Gasworks Museum.

Saturday September 13 – 20th

Blacksmith Master Classes and Demonstations

To coincide with the visit of Barry Brickell to Dunedin and his exhibition at the Dunedin Public Art Gallery  HIS OWN STEAM: A BARRY BRICKELL SURVEY, the Dunedin Gasworks Museum is holding  series of Blacksmithing Demonstrations and Master classes that are open to the public. These are being held  in the recently restored Fitting Shop Forge.

These classes are being run by Nate Savill who has worked at Barry Brickell’s Driving Creek Railway on commissions for the Barry Brickell Gallery.

Blacksmithing Master Class: Cost $150.00 (includes all material and equipment)blacksmith
•    Saturday 13th September: Daytime workshop 11am-3pm
•    Tuesday 16th September: Evening workshop 5.00-9pm
•    Thursday 18th September: Evening workshop 5.00-9pm
•    Saturday 20th September: Daytime workshop 11am-3pm

Available from mytickets.excellentevents.co.nz or call 03 477 8048

Nate Savill and Peter Mason  working in the the Fitting Shop Forge
•    Sunday 14th September 12 – 3pm
•    Sunday 21st September 12 – 3pm

Rust, Restoration and Routine.

Tuesday 14th January, work day with plenty of action. First, recent high winds and generally inclement weather have paid their usual price, and rusty and dirty machines awaited us today. Suffice to say we “rolled up our sleeves” and got on with the clean up. We are dammed if we do and dammed if we don’t with our cleaning regime: required to oil to prevent rust, but oiled surfaces attract dust and dirt. Tom and John discussed this and decided, with all due consideration, balancing machine conservation with satisfactory exhibit presentation to the public, continuing this cleaning regime is still the best option. The only problem being its very labour intensive, and places a large responsibility on the small operations team.

Mack and Tom continued work on restoration of the no2 exhauster, Stan continued with the weirs pumps restoration, while Bob H. and John got stuck into the cleaning duties.

Tuesday, (along with Wednesday), we hosted the University Hands on Science – Gasworks Snacks program. The visiting group showed the usual enthusiasm, and we look forward to continuing our community educational efforts. A highlight was Tom’s model steam traction engine, and the students showed much interest. Notable was the very appropriate questions asked by our younger visitors who have never experienced the “steam age” as us older generation have.

A.J. Grant limited, delivered to us a collection of iron work tools, originating from the Green Island Cement Works. These tools are destined to enhance Peter’s forge operation and exhibit.

The finger mark on the big exhauster coupling indicates the “overall condition” of all the exhibits – before cleaning.


Before and after, on the big exhauster flywheel 


Little engine, big engine. Tom’s model steam traction engine. 


 The selection of iron working tool received today.


 Cleaning in action, mops, brushes, shovels, rags and jet fuel (yes – jet fuel) used in the cleaning process.


Mack and Tom work on the no2 exhauster restoration.


 Tom addresses Hands on Science students in the engine house.

Tales and Toilets

Lately, much discussion and consideration has been taken/given into our progress, and our ability to progress, to tell stories (tales), of historic value and general interest using the existing artefacts and displays. Today, aided and prioritised by the wish to have the projects completed before the 150 celebrations, contractors completed the Gas Showroom exhibit graphics, and the toilet refurbish/update, JIT. ( An acronym well known to the 80’s workforce – Ed)

From the Engine House looking into the Showroom exhibit

Inside the “Showroom”


 Final touches to the toilet refurb.

Newly laid lino

Rosebank Revisited

In association with Toitu, the other “half” of Rosebank school visited the museum today. Tom and John took the kids through the various exhibits, but the traction engine, the steam roller, and the face shovel were voted favourites.

Team talk before the tour.


 The kids line up to “drive” the shovel.


Art, Education, and (many) Projects

A full-on day at the museum today, a near complete turnout of operations volunteers, and ending with some very TOB’S (tired old boys).

Today Keith, Mack and Glynn progressed the gas engine project, Bob B. continued on the traction engine overhaul, Stan progressed the boiler feed pump restoration, Tom continued the small exhauster valve gear repair, and John assisted with disposal of the empty fuel drums. Today was Dan’s first Tuesday, and he fitted successfully and seemlessly into our operation.

Alan commenced restoration of the works punch card time clock, with the aim to return the unit to full working order, and to provide an eventual visitor interactive attraction.

John hosted Anita DeSoto, lecturer – Dunedin School of Art @ the Otago Polytech, and her group of students on a field trip to the engine house. Many very impressive charcoal and similar media art works emerged during the day. Feed back to us indicated the museum was an enjoyable and suitable venue for the students. We look forward to hosting them again.

After lunch, in association with Toitu, we hosted Sara and 60 students from Rosebank school in South Otago. John, Mack and Tom shared the duties, explaining in simple terms the relationship and the roll of fly-wheels, rods, cranks and pistons in general, and specifically in the operation of the Gas works pumping machinery.


Keith operates the heritage round-bed lathe, adjusting parts for the gas engine project.


 Stan and Bob explaining to a contractor, a possible fault on the traction engine.


Alan commences restoration of the punch-card time clock.


 This pile of empty fuel drums is now history.


 Dunedin School of Art students ply their craft while Tom works on the Small Exhauster.


Later in the day, the students got together for a collective work. 


Rosebank school students ask those “awkward” questions.


Using our great examples, John explains some basic energy theory.  

LFG – Land Fill Gas – a volunteer resource doc.

For many, the model in the Fitting shop of the Green Island LFG project, is just that – a model. This blog provides a link to some of the background and technical aspects of that ill-fated project.
Follow the link – and click on the Green Is LFG page tab. (Another interesting gas memory is on the Energy tab – item 4.)




The LFG model.  The link above takes you to the IHdunedinNZ website.




Gas Show Room.

Working quietly behind the scenes, Raelene, Helen and Sean have been preparing for a new display depicting a 20th century gas appliance show room. While we have many gas appliances as artefacts, they have been in storage or poorly displayed, and the new room will attend to that. We look forward to seeing the project progress. Watch this space.

Steve removing wall items in preparation for the Gas Showroom exhibit.


Tools’ Table Tales

While only loosely associated with gas production, but integral to Dunedin’s industrial heritage, the museum’s tools’ table is highly rated, especially by our younger visitors. We have a good selection of hand tools of varying vintage, and a photo can be found in this blog: (date=July 4, 2010, search “table”).
Accompanying the tool selection is a data sheet indicating a selection of various pipe and combination wrenches. (Source: Audels Plumbers and Steam Fitters Guide, Vol. 3, Page copy supplied by John Sutherland).

Tool table info sheet