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The Supermarket Challenge

Productive, Progressing, Progressive (Enterprises)

Today members of the GWM Board of Trustees met representatives of Progressive Enterprises to discuss design concepts for the proposed Supermarket, to be built next door to the museum. While a lot of work and consultation is still required, the Board members agreed the presented design principles had some merit, and look forward to discussing the detail still to come.

John Sofo, Architect, and David Ivory, Progressive, addressed the GWM board members today

Some design concepts discussed today

Claire Curran MP for Dunedin South applauds DCC decision over supermarket development.

13 April 2010 Media Statement
Gas Works Museum a Unique Treasure
Dunedin South MP Clare Curran today applauded the Dunedin City Council’s decision to put the brakes on Progressive Enterprises plans to build a supermarket on Andersons Bay Road. “The site is adjacent to the Gas Works Museum and careful consideration must be given to complementary development. The Gas Works Museum is a unique treasure; one of Dunedin’s best kept secrets and it needs the support of Dunedin’s leaders to ensure it ongoing viability.”

“I am not against Progressive Enterprises building a supermarket on that site”, says Ms Curran, “there would be some good benefits to the community. However, given the status of the museum I would like to see the plans redrawn in consultation with the museum’s board to ensure that the proposed structure and the operation of the supermarket does not interfere with the operation and plans of the museum.”

“I understand, that according to Sir Neil Cossins, former chairman of English Heritage, that this museum is the best example of an operating Gaswork’s plant in the world. It is a great asset for South Dunedin, for the city and for the nation. It is home to a collection of historic artefacts of national significance.”

“The Gasworks Museum Trust is currently undertaking a major restoration of the old Fitting Shop. The trust has great plans and the potential for development is exciting. My hope is that Progressive Enterprises will come to the table and talk to the Trust Board and together work on ways that the museum and the supermarket might work together to enhance the revitalisation of South Dunedin.”

Contact Clare Curran 021 242 1813

Representatives of the Museum Trust Board in discussions with Progressive Enterprises

Today representatives of the Trust met with a representative of Progressive Enterprises to discuss the proposed Countdown Supermarket development on the Northern Boundary of the Museum. This proposal has been through a resource consent hearing and we await the decision of the Dunedin City Council. The Trust is opposed to height and scale of the development that impacts upon the amenity value of the Museum. It is the wish of the Museum Trust Board that Progressive Enterprises move the building off the boundary.